Rating System

Here’s a rough qualification of what each numerical ranking entails. These are written in the context of movies but the same general sentiment applies to other forms of media. Enjoy ~

1Genuinely awful. I actively wanted to stop watching and do something else.
2I’d actively tell people to avoid the same so they wouldn’t waste time.
3There’s something severely lacking in plot, character, or ambiance that affects my ability to focus on anything else.
4There were more bad moments than good moments, and I’d be wary of a sequel or films by the same crew.
5Less than average. I wouldn’t recommend paying full price. Wait for streaming or renting to watch.
6Average. I didn’t dislike watching, but wouldn’t remember the plot well in a few years.
7Decent but not remarkable. I enjoyed watching and would recommend to people I know would enjoy similar themed films.
8Pretty good. I’d go ahead and watch again. Multiple viewings don’t hurt each other. I’d recommend this movie if people were tangentially related to the themes.
9Really good. I’d watch it again for sure. I’d recommend the movie to anyone who wants a good time.
10The unicorn. The movie impacted me so deeply with its message or presence that I can’t stop thinking about it post watch. I’d probably give anything the respective Director did a shot after watching this.

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