Hey there reader! Welcome to my site! It might look sparse now, but as time goes on and I get more familiar with WordPress, it’ll get better and better.

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve loved watching movies and reading books. A lot of the times, much to my friends’ (dis)pleasure, I’d spout out into a long winded criticisms of whatever I’d watched/listened to/read/etc. Recently, I realized that I wanted to share my thoughts with more than just my immediate social circle and set aside to create a space, a sanctum, to share those thoughts and spark more discussions.

I’m just starting out- so the structures of my reviews and ideas may be rough and seem out of place- I ask you to bear with me as I find a style and voice that best illustrates my excitement for whatever I’m talking about.

I plan on using this page to keep minor updates on the direction of the site/myself so feel free to check in every now and then to see if something major has happened. I don’t expect this to change too much regularly.

Future Plans (Updated 10-31-19)

As the Black Swan article hopefully hinted at, I want to get more into creating analyses and philosophical ramblings. I have a few ideas and rough drafts I’ve already started on so keep on the look out.

On top of this I’ve started talking to more friends and have plans to start creating podcast like material soon (hopefully) along with some YouTube videos. No hard deadline on any of these things, but they are something I plan on eventually rolling out, so fingers crossed .

A place for fun and rumination

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