Review: Stree

Spoiler Discussion

  1. The forest scene between Vicky and the mysterious women is one of my favorites because of how tense if feels. The action and expression make it feel sensual and romantic. The lighting and music add to this idea, but they also cast a more sinister light on the whole affair. I constantly thought Vicky was done and the way the scene is cut makes that tension amp up faster. It somehow manages to be straight out of a rom-com Bollywood movie, but also a terrifying horror scene in its own right.

    2.I love how the little ritual/exorcism man charges more and more as the abductions become more prevalent. If the people weren’t so ravaged by fear, they’d realize that despite more people getting “protected” abductions had only gone up, so there was no connection, but the point of it is to highlight the way that hysteria is monetized by scummy faux religious individuals who prey on peoples uncertainty. It manages do to that quite well, without ever making it a huge focus in the story. Well done.

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