still from solo

Review: Solo

Spoiler Discussion

1.Wow the spin-off movies are really killing it with droids. First K2 now L3. Honestly, she reminded me of Hermione from Harry Potter and her obsession with S.P.E.W. I thought it was funny, pertinent (especially more so with the way Episode IX treats droids), and interesting from a philosophical standpoint. I wish the movie did more with it but it is what it is.

2. Han shooting Beckett first felt great and almost like a shot at Lucas constantly changing the cantina scene from Episode IV. I loved that it showed Han’s development and it was touching at how the two did care about each other but couldn’t find a way to overcome their drives for their own goals and beliefs. It had me in my feels which is a testament to how well the characters are written and developed.

3. I respect the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs- when I hear Han talk about it now, I’ll have some unbelievable images in my head. The Millenium Falcon is one hell of a ship. Now I know why.

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