still from rogue one

Review: Rogue One

Spoiler Discussion

1.The intro scene had me literally waiving my hands at the screen. Why did Jyn’s mom decide to abandon the plan and try and run in guns blazing? Didn’t she and Galen talk about what to do if the Empire came in? It just felt so weird – especially given that he says that she’s dead – that seems like something he would’ve communicated to her beforehand which makes her actions feel even more random.

The storm troopers also find Jyn’s doll on the premises. If Krennic really wants to ensure that Galen listens, he wouldn’t risk losing Jyn, especially with the discovery that she was at least in the house at some point. The fact that a more thorough ground discovery didn’t happen feels sloppy and unrealistic. Either cut out the doll or make the discovery and escape from the same more epic.

2. Bodhi’s ending scene made 0 sense at all. First he can’t extend this wire because it’s too short to get into the ship. Then after he does all the talking with everyone else, he can suddenly get the wire to the ship? Why couldn’t he do this before? It just feels so random – if possible danger was deterring him then why show the scene of the line snapping back as he tries to reach the transport? it doesn’t make sense and I couldn’t take it seriously.

3. Darth Vader’s scenes were awesome . A dad joke into a choke? That’s a classic right there and I couldn’t stop laughing at it, in a good way. The fight scene at the end of the film was AMAZING and I can’t stop replaying it. Vader’s a real monster and it was refreshing to see how much of a threat he actually was. It almost feels like a horror movie with how viciously he rips through the rebel soldiers. The entire scene made me want an R rated Darth Vader movie filled with action scenes like this. Please.

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