still of anakin and padme from revenge of the sith

Review: Star Wars:Episode III – Revenge Of the Sith

Spoiler Discussion

1.Honestly, the Jedi needed to be erased. They have no idea how to handle emotion and their lifestyle feels like it’s prone to creating Anakins. Healthy humans have a variety of feelings and emotions. Anakin had a particular emotional intensity to him that was never given an outlet in the Jedi Order. It makes sense why he’s so upset and angry. He has nowhere else to go with these feelings . Obi-Wan is a stickler for the rules and Padme’s relationship with him is a secret. He’s trapped and the Jedi constantly disrespect him and make him feel like an outsider. It makes sense why he snapped.

2. I love how evil Anakin really gets. Really? He murdered all these young padawan learners like it was nothing. I didn’t expect it and I really enjoyed how demented the scene was. His subsequent dismissal of Padme and emotional outbursts at Obi-Wan were beautiful in a sad sense. He gave up everything for her and then snaps and force chokes her. It’s just so wrong. So messed up. It got to me. Knowing that she dies from literally having her heart broken at seeing the man she loved turn is devastating.

3. Palpatine lying to Anakin and saying that he Padme (via the Force choke or something) is devious and awful. I wish Vader didn’t scream “No” awkwardly, but the feeling of the scene is just so depressing regardless. He destroyed the one person he sacrificed everything for. It makes sense why he’s so cruel then – he has nothing left to lose. It also reinforces how evil Palpatine is- he’s willing to lie just to let Vader unlock more of the Dark Side. It’s great.

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