still from attack of the clones

Review: Star Wars:Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Spoiler Discussion

1.Who the hell made the initial request for the clone army? Is this in some other material? They talk about how Sifo-Dyas put in this request and then completely drop the plot thread. I assume Yoda did something given that he comes in with the Clone Troopers in the latter portion of the film, but it felt really irritating to never see where the plot thread led to.

2. I thought asteroids were hard to navigate. That’s what Han led me to believe in Episode VI. Yet, here Jango Fett and Obi-Wan can casually navigate the field and expertly position surprises. It takes away the whole feeling of excitement and tension from the original moment and I wish they at least mentioned how this was some kind of desperate last ditch maneuver. Doesn’t seem so hard.

3. I wish we got see Anakin really wail on the Sand People. As soon as he snaps and we see the anger in his face, I was all aboard the hype train. It felt so cathartic to watch him hulk out and then the scene feels like immediately cuts away. What’s the point? Anakin is literally going to turn into one of the most evil people in the universe. Show us how it fully starts instead of teasing us like this. I hope they really go dark in the next movie.

4. Yoda teaching all the kids was really cute and I liked it a lot. He’s funny and charming and you can see get a sense of how he might be so good with young kids.

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