still of anna and elsa as children from frozen

Review: Frozen

Spoiler Discussion

1.Elsa and Kristoff literally point out how dumb it is to get engaged to Hans given that Anna has only known him for one day. This is a fairly obvious thought. No one in the town has ever met Hans. Presumably, given that Elsa had just been anointed Queen , there was some kind of governing apparatus/retainer that oversaw Arendale. Why would they not take control of the kingdom when Elsa and Anna were gone? Why is the town so okay with some random dude just taking control over their affairs?

Even more so, when Hans comes in and talks about how Anna died after they had been secretly married, no one goes in to check on her? Also why is the Duke part of this important council? Why is he allowed to make executive decisions? A few clever storytelling decisions could have made these moments far more interesting , but instead it just feels like shoddy storytelling.

2. Hans literally tried to KILL BOTH members of the royal family and his punishment is being taken back to his kingdom to be dealt with by his family? Even the Duke gets more of a blow, given that his economy is going take a major hit. Where’s the punishment? It’s just so strange.

3. Hans’s reveal is great even the second time around and knowing that he was going to defect made looking at his actions more interesting. Like in his duet with Anna, he goes along with “finish each others sandwiches” and acts like it was natural. I thought okay maybe he’s quirky the first time I saw it, but on the second viewing it feels like a deliberate action done to curry favor. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I’d like to think it’s an early hint.

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