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Review: Frozen 2

Spoiler Discussion

1.I thought the plot of the movie felt familiar as I watching it but by the end of the movie, I realized it felt exactly like Episode 11 of Avatar the Last Airbender. The episode follows Aang as he tries to help two tribes who hate each other based on a historical misunderstanding of past injustices reach their goal. This movie was that, but toned down with less of the mystery.

It makes me even more sad, because an environmental movie is so telling. A forest that gets mad at people that’s protected by the elements? You could have a cool movie about our relationship with nature and love between people and the environment, which would help tie it back to the first movie. It just feels like a lot of squandered potential.

2. I hate how Kristoff comes off in this movie. The bit with him not being able to get his proposal in gets annoying after the second time. It also has the unintended effect of making Anna look less mature. She seems kind of petty and misunderstanding, which runs super contrary to how she is characterized otherwise.

His song makes these issues worse. He has this flashback sequence of the moments between him and Anna and they’re literally only moments from the first movie. If time has passed between now and then show it! Why would there not be scenes of them being lovey dovey in between the two movies? Their romance was something fun from the first movie that could’ve been explored to make the marriage subplot more entertaining. Instead, Kristoff complains and then makes it seem like he’s not sure if he wants to marry her anymore. Then he does at the end despite there being no indication that he’s overcome this previous emotional roadblock. It’s annoying because I liked Kristoff a lot in the last movie and hate how he’s sidelined here.

3. Okay yes, it’s really convenient how Elsa managed to get on the water horse and ride to save ArendelleĀ , but it was probably one of my favorite moments in the entire film. The wide shot of her riding down into her freezing spell is stunning and I so desperately wish I could re-watch it right now. Why couldn’t the movie have had more of these cool moments ?

2 thoughts on “Review: Frozen 2”

    1. Oh yeah, I agree. The production values are through the roof and the the kids watching in the audience were loving the movie. I think it’s going to be another hit with families , even though it’s not nearly as good as the first one.

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