still from the phantom menace

Review: Star Wars:Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Spoiler Discussion

1.I wish that Anakin was more mature (I know right – this is why it’s impossible to portray him) so that his romantic endeavor with Padme (Natalie Portman) felt more natural. It makes sense from his end- I’ve had my fair share of enamored moments as a kid. However, Padme’s interest feels like it’s for an Anakin that isn’t actually on screen and more so for an Anakin that’s to come. It feels weird.

2. Wow the Jedi suck, no wonder they all get destroyed at some point. Like, if they know Anakin has great power and can go to the dark side, why not garner favor from him or make him feel like he’s on the right side. He literally expresses favor to the Jedis so allegiance shouldn’t be too hard. It feels like they’ve actively started digging their own grave with their rigid principles and lack of flexibility.

3. Yoda’s line about fear being problematic is interesting , but also feels like it would render most people as problematic. The only people with nothing to fear are those with nothing to lose or those who are ignorant or disrespectful of the consequences of actions. Does this mean someone with no fear is a good candidate for a Jedi? The above two examples would seem to disprove that so I hope this sentiment gets explored more. It feels Hobbesian in nature, but I want to see how fleshed out it can be.

4. Darth Maul didn’t deserve to go the way he did. He was my favorite character the first time I saw the movie, and stole the screen when he appeared. I know there are comics about him and that he gets explored more in the Clone Wars T.V. series, so I’ll definitely be checking those out.

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