still from return of the jedi

Review: Star Wars:Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Spoiler Discussion

1.Boba Fett didn’t deserve to go out the way he did. You’re telling me the guy who managed to track down the Millenium Falcon is going to get killed through a comedic accident by a partially blind Han Solo? It’s even worse because Han keeps going on in a fashion that reinforces the danger Fett presents so the death feels even more out of place. It hampered the otherwise great action scene.

2. The scene on Dagobah felt rushed, which is a shame because I loved Yoda . When Luke comes in, Yoda is being his good old comedic self, cracking jokes and adding some levity to the scene. Then immediately, he’s dying? I get that he’s 900 but I wish there was some kind of build up to this moment. I can’t remember any foreshadowing from Episode V, so I was kind of shocked. Luke coming to the conclusion that Leia is his sister also feels rushed, even if justified. I did tear up as Yoda died so the movie did “get me.”

Obi-Wan’s scene also felt strangely out of place. Him and Yoda keep mentioning Luke taking out Darth Vader as something that’s necessary, but I don’t really understand why outside of the generic he’s bad. If that’s the case, then why not also mention taking out the Emperor at some point? This is one of those forced plot point moments I was talking about.

3.I personally enjoyed the Ewoks. However, I did think some of their scenes dragged. For example, at some point in the third act, there’s a montage of them fighting the Stormtroopers and it just keeps going. However, the scene of one of the Ewoks mourning over the death of their comrade helped make them more “real” which I really liked.

4. Leia is told that Darth Vader is her father and has the most tame response ever. Really? If I learned my father was one of the two most evil people in the galaxy, I feel like my response would be more akin to Luke’s devastated expression at the end of Episode V, instead of the nonchalant one Leia gave. I thought it could’ve produced a great conversation between Luke and Leia about whether or not Vader deserved to be saved. There could have been conflict because Leia has such a deeply personal tie to the rebellion itself- she’s been involved in it for so long. Missed opportunity for a cool philosophical turn and character moment.

5. The interactions between Vader and Luke made the movie for me. Vader seems sad and resigned to his fate. It made me want to know why he made the choices he did, because it’s so obvious he cares for his son but can’t commit to him. Watching Luke decide to fight him, give in to the rage, and then choose not to continue down the path gave me chills. It’s philosophically great and flies in the face of the proclamations of his deceased masters. Despite giving in to the hate, he could choose to go back and not let it dominate him. Emotional control is the real key – not the emotions proper. Vader’s actions further justify this. Despite being entrenched in the dark side, he chooses the good once again to protect his son. It’s never too late to save someone who has a kernel of good in them because you can always try and rekindle it. The idea is utopian but beautiful.

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