still from the empire strikes back

Review: Star Wars:Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Spoiler Discussion

1.All the force exploration was amazing. Even thought Yoda and Vader didn’t help explain some rigid force system, the association of the good and evil sides of it in relation to different emotional states was philosophically interesting. I’d like to see them play around with the idea of good within evil and vice versa because the force feels like it could be more multifaceted. Yoda’s discussion/explanation of it to Luke during his training was a great starting point for beginning that dialogue, and I appreciated how much it made me think.

I also love how multifaceted the force is. So far it can help shoot an incredibly precise target (focus), create afterimages/ghosts, emit pull-push vectors(?) towards targets, and allow for communication between people. The pocket knife feeling it gives makes the explanation Yoda gave more persuasive. It really feels like the force is everything and can be recognized in its manifestations more so than through some precise definition.

2.When Vader doesn’t suddenly kill the next admiral for losing Han’s ship, I started freaking out. The whole movie spends time building the expectation that Vader is ruthless and doesn’t forgive failure, but I guess watching his own son choose death over working with him hit him in the feels. I can’t wait to see how he chooses to respond to this transgression. The emotional turmoil payoff should be great (I hope).

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