still from zombieland double tap

Review: Zombieland: Double Tap

Spoiler Discussion

1. How in the world did Madison survive for 10 years? Either it’s all dumb luck or she was just hiding her intelligence the whole time and the dumb blonde shtick is more likely a form of self preservation. She uses sarcasm with Wichita in one of the car scenes and is resourceful enough to mace a zombie, so it’s hard to believe she’s actually dumb. Regardless of intelligence, she was my favorite character and I loved most scenes she was in.

2. The hippie commune felt dumb to me. If they’re that loud and zombies have gotten that advanced, it seems impossible that the compound has experienced no major attacks up till our protagonists enter. The group was also fairly big which makes its existence that much stranger.

The way the group deals with the Terminator zombies at the end also feels out of place. The film spends time developing how intelligent the Einstein zombies are and how much stronger and more resourceful the Terminators are than those. But then those same super zombies all just aimlessly jump off a cliff and don’t adapt at all. It feels like all the new zombies get shafted and don’t live up to their actual potential.

3. The end credit scene with Bill Murray roasting Garfield and going through Day 0 was amazing. Given how good Bill was at getting out and executing the zombies around him, it makes sense how he survived so long in the original movie.

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