one piece stampede straw hats

Review: One Piece: Stampede

Spoiler Discussion

1. Law is my favorite character and I’m so glad he was part of the final 6 characters to take down Bullet. Honestly, the full line up is great. Obviously, I never thought I’d see Hancock, Buggy, Law, Sabo, Smoker, and Luffy teaming up but more importantly every single faction of the One Piece authoritative puzzle is part of this team.

Luffy’s final Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gatling with the hyper huge arm was DBZ’esque and reminded me of giving Son Goku time to charge a spirit bomb. I did like that Usopp’s seeds were the nail in the coffin because of how well it had been set up thematically and plot-wise.

2. Every one of Hancock’s reactions to Luffy’s was great and I loved that they didn’t pull any stops with her or any of the other characters. The unexpected fart joke, the Sunny’s penguin transformation, the full stomach post eating scenes, etc were all great.

3. The final shot of Sabo and Ace blazing a fire path for the Straw Hats and the others was emotionally resonant. It almost brought a tear to my eye and felt like a touching reminder of the past 20 years and a reminder to be excited of what’s to come for the future.

Gol D. Roger’s final message also made the titular treasure sound like something that had to be cultivated which is interesting. Given that the plot was written by Oda, it makes it more likely that this is a real hint at the actual end.

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