still from hell house

Review: Hell House LLC

Spoiler Discussion

1.Given the way that Andrew (Adam Schneider) convinced Tony (Jared Hacker) to stay, I wonder what scenario would cause them to leave. It seems like Alex (Danny Bellini) financially dug the group into a hole and they needed to stay or the gigs would be up. It’s fairly similar to how a family in a haunted house stays because they cant afford to leave. The idea isn’t super unique but it’s presentation and hinting at throughout the movie is nice. The fact that it’s not directly stated is also a nice touch.

2. The whole film feels like it was put together by a skilled editor, and the black title cards explaining certain scenes is indicative of the same, but the way the film ends with Sara (Ryan Jennifer) makes that whole idea feel weird. If the house is haunted and both the original documentary creator and the cameraman died, then how did the editor recover the video footage without setting in? Also Sara started the interview by talking about how awful and terrifying Hell House was, so why were they not more curious by the fact that she recommended the check it out. Yes, the ultimate twist at the end is scary- but it comes at the price of ruining the real immersive feel of the movie.

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