still from green room

Review: Green Room (2015)

Spoiler Discussion

1. The exchange between the group and Darcy was intense and was the moment I really felt invested in the film. The whole thing plays out so smartly, and even though I was screaming to not give the gun, I understood the characters reasoning for when they do it-it felt justified, instead of campy. When Pat’s arm got mangled up trying to hold the gun, I actually felt disgusted when I saw the bloody aftermath.

2. The ending felt so rushed and weird to me. Darcy had been so smart up to this point- you’d think he’d have one or two more people to go down or would have a more efficient way to kill untrained musicians. I get that he didn’t want to raise too much suspicion or get the police so involved, but this is the same man who had two skinheads stab each other to get the police off his initial trail, and you’re telling me he couldn’t efficiently kill them? Also, after all the experiences that Amber and Pat went through, they really let a skinhead leave under the promise that he would call the police? Even though he does, it’s just such a strange decision to make after all the stuff they went through.

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