Join me as I try and complete the following thematic challenge(s). Every challenge will revolve around a common thread (duh) and have a series of projected deadlines for the media involved, so feel free to join along.

Current Threads

star wars poster image of the three trilogies Star Wars First Watch - Join me as I watch the Star Wars movies for the first time in a countdown to Episode IX.

Past Threads

Scary Anthropomorphized Jack-O-Lantern Holding a Scythe Halloween 2k19: 31 Day Horror Marathon - This year I'll be watching 31 horror movies- 1 for each day in October. I haven't watched most of these movies or don't remember watching them because I was too young to comprehend them at the time.


jackolanterns Halloween 2k19 :Marathon Retrospective - Introduction I’ve loved horror movies for a long time, but I’ve always found it hard to talk about it with others because of my lack of familiarity with the western cannon. As a kid I started off with horror movies like The Ring and The Grudge and subsequently got into Asian horror. Because of this … Continue reading Halloween 2k19 :Marathon Retrospective
scrable gameboard spelling review Approaching Reviews - Interested in how I approach reviews? Do you think I give too many 10's? Read the following and get a better understanding of the way I approach reviews.
release poster of black swan Becoming Swan: A Film Analysis of Black Swan - In this analysis I’ll be taking a look at Nina’s (Natalie Portman) journey through Black Swan. I’ll be analyzing why the swan is so important and the philosophical underpinnings that make Portman’s transformation so haunting. NOTE- this is a spoiler zone. I will be talking about plot deals intricately so if you haven’t watched the movie yet, but plan on it, don’t read past this.

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