Updates (2/4/20)

Hey there. The site is currently undergoing some big changes to make it more functional. Older reviews are being updated to fall in line with more modern ones, master lists for reviews are being so you can find movies easily, and more styling changes. Look forward to a fresher looking and more functional site closer to 2/20/20.


Join me as I try and complete the following thematic challenge(s). Every challenge will revolve around a common thread (duh) and have a series of projected deadlines for the media involved, so feel free to join along.

Current Threads

star wars poster image of the three trilogies Star Wars First Watch - Join me as I watch the Star Wars movies for the first time in a countdown to Episode IX.

Past Threads

Scary Anthropomorphized Jack-O-Lantern Holding a Scythe Halloween 2k19: 31 Day Horror Marathon - This year I'll be watching 31 horror movies- 1 for each day in October. I haven't watched most of these movies or don't remember watching them because I was too young to comprehend them at the time.


SHIFTED Perspectives : An Update to my Review System - Sometimes when I watch/read something again, I think it's better or worse than I initially did. To recognize this change, I've listed a proposal that demarcates when I should write a new review for anything.
jackolanterns Halloween 2k19 :Marathon Retrospective - Introduction I’ve loved horror movies for a long time, but I’ve always found it hard to talk about it with others because of my lack of familiarity with the western cannon. As a kid I started off with horror movies like The Ring and The Grudge and subsequently got into Asian horror. Because of this … Continue reading Halloween 2k19 :Marathon Retrospective
scrable gameboard spelling review Approaching Reviews - Interested in how I approach reviews? Do you think I give too many 10's? Read the following and get a better understanding of the way I approach reviews.
release poster of black swan Becoming Swan: A Film Analysis of Black Swan - In this analysis I’ll be taking a look at Nina’s (Natalie Portman) journey through Black Swan. I’ll be analyzing why the swan is so important and the philosophical underpinnings that make Portman’s transformation so haunting. NOTE- this is a spoiler zone. I will be talking about plot deals intricately so if you haven’t watched the movie yet, but plan on it, don’t read past this.

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